PTC Awards 2020 Winners


PTC Awards Evening

This is an occasion that recognises and celebrates the voluntary work of professional teaching associations during the year and is an opportunity for the profession to meet socially.

The Presentation Evening for 2020 awards was held on Wednesday 17 February 2021 at Waterview in Bicentennial Park. 

Awards Presented

Professional Teachers’ Council NSW presents a number of annual awards to individuals and organisations that have contributed to enhancing the status of teaching as a profession. These prestigious awards celebrate volunteers within Associations, salaried employees that work towards their associations goals and the overall Association of the Year.

NSW Minister of Education Association of the Year

2020 Winner –  Science Teachers Association NSW

The Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC) NSW in conjunction with the Minister for Education, The Hon. Mr Rob Stokes, in 2018, introduced this award to recognise an association that has distinguished itself by achieving all-round excellence.

The 2020 NSW Minister of Education Association of the Year as the Science Teachers Association NSW – on hand to collect the award were members of the STANSW council, Deborah de Ridder, Oriana Milano, Susan Filan, Vice President – Julie Rogers (back row),  President – Margaret Shepard, Vice President – Lauren McKnight (back row),  Executive Officer – Jane Powles and Ashley Hanning.


Unfortunately the current Minister of Education and Early Childhood the Honorable Sarah Mitchell was unable to attend as parliament was sitting – she did however provide PTC with a message of support that can be watched here Message of Support

The Professor Dame Marie Bashir Medal

2020 Winner – Ann Thomas

This prestigious award, in honour of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW patron Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, was presented for the first time in 2016.


Ann Thomas was unable to attend the awards night – her award was collected by Maria Quigley.

The 2020 Winner – Ann Thomas – has devoted over 40 years of service to promoting and improving education in NSW. The education community is profoundly appreciative of her leadership, innovation and immensely generous contribution.

Her dedication to the promotion of mathematics education led to her being bestowed with MANSW life membership in 1996. Ann is an example of a life lived in the service of others. It seems only fitting that Ann be presented with this award in recognition of her support and encouragement of students and teachers, and her untiring commitment and passionate promotion of education in NSW.

Media Award

2020 Winner – Kristine Taylor – ABC – Eye of the Storm

The Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Media Award is presented to a person or persons working in the media industry for the positive portrayal of the work of teachers and schools and their recognition of the value to the community of teaching as a profession.

Kristine Taylor could not attend the awards night. In her place Mr. Mark Morrison – Principal of Macleay Vocational College – the subject of the Eye of the Storm, was on hand to collect this worthwhile award.


Expectational Service Award

The Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Exceptional Service Awards are presented to PTC NSW Board members and others for their exceptional service over a significant period of time to the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW, member professional associations and education in NSW. Presented by the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW in recognition of the associations’ voluntary contributions during the year to quality education, the students of NSW and the teaching profession.

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This year PTC was pleased to award Karen Yager (ETANSW), Joe Alvaro (EBENSW) & Marshall Leaver (SCANSW) & Mary Coupland (MANSW) with the Expectational Service Award.

Outstanding Professional Service Award

In recognition of the voluntary work undertaken by committee members of professional teachers’ associations. The award recognises an individual member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in NSW for an extended period of time made through a professional teachers’ association.





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Winners of this award were;

First row: Lisa Allison (VADEA), Brian Shand (VADEA), Julian Floriano (SCANSW), Thomas Fienberg (ASME), Pamela Hicks (TEANSW), Oriana Milano (STANSW)

Second Row: Susan Filan (STANSW), Joyce Kojevnikov (ORFF), Kati Varela Batista (MLTA), Nordin Zuber (MANSW), Maria Quigley (MANSW), Erin Carney (LSA)

Third Row: Samantha Pennington (ICTE), Catherine Bavell (HTA), Dr Paul Batten (GTANSWACT), David Martin (ETANSW), Cheryl Brennan (EBENSW), Catherine Roebuck (ASR),

Fourth Row; Luke Adams (ACPHER), Yaru Wang (ChLTA), Dr Neil Peters (CLTA)

Absent: Andrew Athavle (EBE), Natasha Isbel (LSA) and Warren Bridge (MTA)

Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award

In 2017, PTC NSW introduced the award category- Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award in recognition of the outstanding contribution by an individual committee member, with 5 or less years teaching experience to education in NSW made through a professional teacher’s association in voluntary capacity.


The 2020 winners of the Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award were:

Left to Right – Tyler Barnes (ASME), Wendy Campbell (LSA), James Bannerman (ETANSW) & Ashley Hanning (STANSW)

Association Service Award

The Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC NSW) has introduced this inaugural award in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by a salaried employee to a PTC NSW member association or PTC NSW over a significant period of time.

This award was made by the PTC NSW Awards Committee on behalf of the nominating member professional associations. Recipients of the award for 2020 were announced at the Awards Evening and they were;

Allison Muscat – Careers Advisor Association NSW & ACT                   Shreela Pradhan – Professional Teachers Council NSW