2007 Regional Media Award

Presented to Tony Pritchard, WIN Regional Television Wagga Wagga


Wagga Wagga High School has nominated Tony Pritchard for the Regional Media Award for the balanced and sensitive news report on refugee students that was aired during Refugee Week.  45 refugee students from Africa and the Middle East attend the school.


The story written and edited by Mr Pritchard featured two ESL students from Africa who addressed a school assembly through an interpreter.  Mr Pritchard explained how their personal circumstances were representative of the general experience of refugee students who come to Australia.  His evident concern for their previous experiences and hope for their present safety and success was a feature of the report.


Mr Pritchard portrayed the refugee students in a positive, caring and informative manner that is a testament both to his professionalism and his concern for the students themselves.


The school was also presented in a very positive light through the support networks established to ensure these students enjoy a successful and smooth transition to Australian schooling.


The final comment of the report made by the Deputy Principal stressed the importance of freedom. Something that Many Australians take for granted.


Mr Pritchard is to be congratulated for this report.  It was fitting recognition of the experiences of these students and presented the teaching profession in a positive light. +b