Association Service Award

2019 Association Service Award recipients

Antoinette Hildebrandt, Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW

Antoinette Hildebrandt has made a significant contribution to music teachers and music education in NSW and ACT through her support of the Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW. Antoinette has worked as our Association treasurer for over ten years and has been responsible for accounts, membership and course enquiries. She is thorough, efficient and very interested in the Association’s activities. Antoinette has provided leadership in securing a firm financial footing for OSANSW, supporting the Association in providing professional learning beyond the metropolitan area and serving teachers from local, regional, national and international areas. OSANSW has benefited greatly from her professionalism, governance, financial knowledge, and guidance. Antoinette is a worthy recipient of the Association Service Award.

Julie Percival, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education & Recreation (ACHPER NSW)


Julie Percival began her tenure in the role of Executive Officer for the NSW branch of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER NSW) in 2000. Julie came to the role at a time when ACHPER was undergoing a period of significant transition and challenge including lack of membership growth and declining professional relevance. In her nineteen years in the role her commitment has been simply outstanding. Julie has been a relentless advocate for the values and goals of ACHPER NSW. She has been a constant in the revitalization of the organisation through a range of board restructures and personnel changes over time. Julie’s depth of corporate and historical knowledge has been vital in ensuring that ACHPER NSW has continued to increase its relevance to the Health and Physical Education profession to the point where it is now the peak professional body in its field.

At a national level, Julie has been a highly regarded delegate at ACHPER National Board meetings for nineteen years she has been the NSW Executive Officer. She has always recognized the importance of seeing the national ACHPER perspective while advocating for the best interests of the NSW branch.

Julie’s outstanding contribution to ACHPER NSW makes her a worthy recipient for the 2019 NSW Association Service Award.

Paul Kiem, History Teachers’ Association of NSW


HTANSW recognises the outstanding service of Paul Kiem as our Professional Officer since 2009. Paul has made an enormous contribution to our core mission to promote the study and teaching of History. As a passionate advocate for History education he has regularly represented the association in State and National syllabus, curriculum development and other educational forums. A highly accomplished teacher, Paul provides valuable support to teachers and students as both contributor and journal editor of Teaching History. He has also commissioned, co-written and edited a range of HTANSW texts and Study Guides and is developing online services to support History teachers and their students.

Paul conducts regular consultancy work with schools and facilitates our very successful teacher Professional Learning days, symposiums and conferences, as well as the annual HSC Study Days that attract over 5000 students. He has developed valuable links with Sydney University and History associated organisations including the NSW State Library, the NMA, Sydney Living Museums and Academy Travel. Paul is an efficient, collaborative, innovative and highly productive Professional Officer of HTANSW.

Eva Gold, English Teachers Association NSW


Eva Gold has been the Executive Officer of ETA NSW for more than 15 years. A role that she has executed with diligence, commitment and passion. Eva exemplifies what it takes to be an exceptional educator and is an inspiring role model for all whose lives she has influenced. Her depth of knowledge of English is exceptional. She continues to deepen this knowledge through research and practice. Eva manages the office firmly and compassionately, ensuring that all work is of a high standard and the association remains a viable and vibrant body. She has led innovative projects that have earned the respect of NESA, teachers and even Geoff Masters who quoted the work that Eva led on Textual Concepts in his curriculum report. Hundreds of NSW primary and secondary teachers program using the Textual Concept approach. Eva has engaged academics to evaluate the success of the approach. Eva has instigated outstanding projects with external bodies such as the RTA and Reading Australia. It is impossible to capture the enduring legacy of Eva’s incredible work.  

Visnja Aw, Science Teachers Association NSW


Visnja Aw has dedicated 15 years of outstanding service to the Science Teachers Association of NSW. During this time she has successfully traversed a number of roles including Office Manager, Events, Marketing and Communications. Visnja has worked tirelessly to ensure the many components of the Association, including Member Services, IT development, numerous conferences and professional learning events along with office administration, all worked together for the advancement of excellence in science education and the support of science teachers. Visnja has proven herself very loyal to the Association and consistently works to provide exceptional and high quality services for members. Visnja Aw is a worthy recipient of this award.

Anne Muggleton, Science Teachers Association NSW


Annie Muggleton has dedicated the past 16 years of service to the Science Teachers Association as Finance Officer, adroitly managing the often challenging task of number crunching for the Association. She has been generous in her commitment to book-keeping ensuring that the Association maintained an accurate representation of its financial position. Annie has provided thorough financial reporting to enable Council Members to govern the Association from an informed financial perspective and coordinated the annual audit, providing transparency to its operations. She has consistently committed her loyalty and energies to the Association over these years. Annie Muggleton is a worthy recipient of this award.

Julie Gleeson, Legal Studies Association NSW


The Legal Studies Teachers Association is proud to nominate Julie Gleeson as a most worthy recipient of the Association Service Award. 

The success of our association is due in no small part to the high quality of support provided by Julie as our Office Manager. Our association has grown significantly in the last fifteen years with high quality support provided to all aspects of our administration. When working with teachers, schools and education systems, Julie resolves complex issues with efficiency and charm. Without her support, we would not be able to provide high quality support for our community of teachers and students. 

Julie is well recognised by our members for the efficient way in which she meets the many challenges of promotion, membership and registration of our programs. She is the first person that our participants recognise when coming to our workshops which recognises the personal and professional rapport she has created with our members. 

Legal Studies Association thanks Julie Gleeson for her invaluable and outstanding contribution over many years to our organisation.