2010 Media Release



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28 October 2010

Celebration of Excellence

Friday 29 October 2010 is World Teachers’ Day and the Professional Teachers’ Council New South Wales (PTC NSW) seeks the support of the media in the recognition and celebration of our teachers and the teaching profession.

World Teachers’ Day is an important acknowledgement of the professionalism of teachers and their invaluable contribution to the future of our society through their professional teaching associations.

UNESCO first declared World Teachers’ Day in 1994. Since that time communities around the world have been honouring their teachers on this day.

“World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to teachers and show them how much they’re valued,” said Karen Buck, President of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW.

“It is the opportunity for the community to reflect on and acknowledge the vital and challenging work that teachers do and to support them in their work” she said.

In recognition of the outstanding work teachers undertake through their professional teaching associations the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW established the prestigious Exceptional Service Awards and the Outstanding Professional Service Awards as an acknowledgment of excellence in the profession.

These awards recognise the outstanding professional contribution to education made by teachers through professional teaching associations.

 The Professional Teachers’ Council NSW is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 awards.


2010 Outstanding Professional Service Award recipients:

Mrs Ingrid Thompson                          Association for Studies of Religion Inc.

Mrs Nadene Kennedy                          Australian Council of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (NSW)

Mr Robert Marshall                              Classical Languages Teachers’ Association Inc.

Ms Margaret Fitzgerald                        Computing Studies Teachers’ Association Inc.

Ms Samantha Pennington                    Computing Studies Teachers’ Association Inc.

Mr Anthony Quelch                              Drama NSW

Ms Wendy Kon                                    Drama NSW

Ms Kim Dunn                                       Early Childhood Education Council of NSW

Mrs Anne Layman                               Economics and Business Educators NSW

Mrs Rhonda Thompson                      Economics and Business Educators NSW

Mr Matthew Brown                              English Teachers’ Association

Mrs Rosalee Whitely                           English Teachers’ Association

Dr Grant Kleeman                               Geography Teachers’ Association of NSW

Mr Martin Pluss                                   Geography Teachers’ Association of NSW

Mr Dave Prowse                                 Marine Teachers Association Inc.

Dr Anne Power                                   Orff Schulwerk Association of NSW

Mr James Scott                                   Science Teachers’ Association of NSW Inc.

Ms Sonia Regan                                 Student Welfare and Personal Development Association of NSW

Mr David Keanan-Brown                    The Mathematical Association of NSW Inc.

Dr Diane McPhail                               The Mathematical Association of NSW Inc.